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Hummingbird Ring

Hummingbird Ring

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Handmade Hummingbird Silver Ring - Huitzilopochtli's Messenger
 Material: .925 Sterling Silver

In Aztec Mythology, Huitzilopochtli was the God of the Sun and War. According to the myth, Huitzilopochtli guided the Aztecs to the promised land, Anahuac, where they would establish their great city, Tenochtitlan

The Aztecs held the hummingbird in high esteem for its agility, energy, and resilience, qualities that they associated with warriors. The bird's vibrant colors and tireless movement were seen as reflections of the sun's power and the fiery energy of battle. Warriors who fell in battle were thought to be reborn as hummingbirds, forever living in the world as the god's messengers. These birds symbolized the connection between life and death, the spiritual world and the physical, serving as guides for the souls of warriors to the afterlife, where they would join Huitzilopochtli in the heavens. 

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This item can be engraved with a custom text.

In addition, we design completely unique pieces. Your imagination is the limit, contact us for more information

Sustainable Impact

Each purchase empowers local Mayan artisans, fostering community collaboration and sustaining traditional craftsmanship. By choosing Tikal'Kun, you're not just acquiring a piece of jewelry; you're uplifting local economies and preserving a rich cultural heritage.

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